Winter Indoor & Outdoor Engagement Photos

March 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

Alexandra and Patrick had many ideas for this photo session.

First, Lizz photographed them at Debi Lilly loft. The couple ate gummy bears, cuddled in corners, and enjoyed this luxury apartment in the city. Then, Nicole & Lizz went out with the couple on a chilly January day to explore the city. We found an enormous pink engagement ring to photograph them in, and braved Lincoln Park for some snowy pictures.

We are so pleased to have spent some fun times and getting to know Alexandra and Patrick before their wedding day.

Chicago Wedding

Chicago Wedding

Chicago Wedding

Chicago Wedding

Chicago Wedding

Chicago Wedding

Chicago Wedding

Chicago Wedding

Chicago Wedding

Chicago Wedding

Chicago Wedding

Music, Coffee & Travel Engagement Session

August 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

Beth and Matt are simply adorable.

They wanted their engagement session to reflect their shared interests. Beth explained, “We do love music, coffee, and travel if we want to work anything in…? Like get drinks at a local coffee shop, or peruse through a record store?” We loved those ideas, and always love props so we suggested we bring our Crosley record player, they bring their favorite records and maybe a blanket and we head to a park and a coffee shop nearby.

We met at our studio, they chose an outfit and we went for a walk to pose under the eL tracks and the Bloomingdale Trail to get our first pictures.

Beth and Matt are such a team! Together they packed a box of items including: Marvin Gaye and other soul records, a couple beers, a gorgeous plaid blanket, a chess set, their cool new camera, candles and some books (Ben Hur and Tom Sawyer anyone?). Beth saw some gorgeous willow trees as we drove up to Humboldt Park, and our picnic began. They had fun playing chess, listening to music, photographing each other and reading silly passages from the books they brought. A pirate funeral? Hilarious!

We drove back to the studio, changed outfits, and took a walk to Ipsento, a cool cafe nearby for a few more pictures. It was very quiet, filled with people studying, so we spoke a bit about the direction for the pictures, then just went for it. Beth and Matt cuddled, smiled and just made each other laugh.

It was great fun to photograph a couple so in love and so much fun!













Geneva Engagement Session

May 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

Jordan and Nick wanted a rural setting for their session.

So we traveled near their home in Geneva to Peck Farm Park. The couple came prepared with their adorable dog Honey, a sign for Honey to wear for their save the date cards and their Blackhawks jerseys. We love when couples show their personalities in an engagement session. A little tip, if you want to be photographed with a pet, please just bring a friend along to mind the pet while we photograph you alone. Jordan and Nick enlisted some family members to do just that, and everything went very smoothly. Even Honey had fun!

We arrived early to scout a few cute locations on the property. We found barns, fields, water and lots of blue sky, it was a perfect day to be out making photos. We are so excited to see these two lovebirds marry in the fall!











Lincoln Square Engagement Session

April 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

Bryan and Rusty are adorable!

And they are to be married in a month! I’m sure they are both getting excited, and maybe just a little bit nervous. Much like they felt before we did the engagement session. But within a few minutes of walking around their Lincoln Square neighborhood, they found that being photographed together can be a blast! We chatted, they held hands, smooched a bit for the camera and we found some very sweet and secluded spots within the noise of the city¬†where they could enjoy a little time together.

We can’t wait to hear¬†them say their vows next month!!!










Summer Engagment Sessions

August 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Being a photographer is not easy.

We’re just going to say it. Not only does one have to have a scientific mind and an artistic mind, one must be able to connect with people and translate emotion into two dimensions. Even though we’ve been doing this for our whole adult lives, sometimes we need a little kick in the butt. This summer we attended a workshop to help us in posing people and connecting better with our clients. Not only did this open our minds to the possibilities of what a photo session can be, it helped us produce three wonderful engagement sessions that we’re quite proud of!

Thank you so much to these couples for trusting us and being honest with us. We appreciate you. You make us better photographers and more emphatic people. Because in life, we should always be learning… shouldn’t we?















Humboldt Park Engagement Pictures

June 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Megan and Ben are to be married in October.

So in early June we set out to get to know each other a bit and make pictures in Humboldt Park and Bucktown. Megan is an avid runner and knows every path in Humboldt Park. We chose a few pretty spots on a dramatic and rainy day to go for a walk with the new addition to their family, a dog named Didier! Ben wanted to then head over to his favorite spot in Bucktown for some cool city bridges and to talk Chicago architecture and history. It seemed to rain between each picture, but this couple brought the sunshine with their smiles and obvious love for each other. To cap off the day, a huge Marriage for All sign was captured, just to remind us all that it’s about time Illinois!

We can’t wait to hang out with and photograph this couple again on their wedding day!








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