Music, Coffee & Travel Engagement Session

August 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

Beth and Matt are simply adorable.

They wanted their engagement session to reflect their shared interests. Beth explained, “We do love music, coffee, and travel if we want to work anything in…? Like get drinks at a local coffee shop, or peruse through a record store?” We loved those ideas, and always love props so we suggested we bring our Crosley record player, they bring their favorite records and maybe a blanket and we head to a park and a coffee shop nearby.

We met at our studio, they chose an outfit and we went for a walk to pose under the eL tracks and the Bloomingdale Trail to get our first pictures.

Beth and Matt are such a team! Together they packed a box of items including: Marvin Gaye and other soul records, a couple beers, a gorgeous plaid blanket, a chess set, their cool new camera, candles and some books (Ben Hur and Tom Sawyer anyone?). Beth saw some gorgeous willow trees as we drove up to Humboldt Park, and our picnic began. They had fun playing chess, listening to music, photographing each other and reading silly passages from the books they brought. A pirate funeral? Hilarious!

We drove back to the studio, changed outfits, and took a walk to Ipsento, a cool cafe nearby for a few more pictures. It was very quiet, filled with people studying, so we spoke a bit about the direction for the pictures, then just went for it. Beth and Matt cuddled, smiled and just made each other laugh.

It was great fun to photograph a couple so in love and so much fun!













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