Bridgeport Arts Center Wedding

August 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Dreams come true.

Studio Starling had the delightful pleasure of photographing the most calm and collected couple in the history of weddings, Karen and Alexander. The stars had aligned and all was unfolding as it should. We were heading South that day, and took advantage of the lake from a unique perspective, 31st beach. It was one of the first nice days this summer and Fox news 32 was out collecting footage for a story, and we were included! See the post here. Then it was on to Bridgeport Arts Center where family was waiting to begin the festivities.

Barbara Moss Events did an amazing job at creating a beautiful but relaxed setting for the couple and their guests. Dare we say she captured the personality of her clients perfectly.

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wonderful and loving day.

Bridgeport Arts Center-147.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-142.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-143.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-154.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-145.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-144.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-148.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-167.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-153.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-190.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-192.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-179.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-171.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-196.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-197.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-184.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-186.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-182.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-180.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-193.jpg

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