Tips for Wedding Day Formal Family Photos

April 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

Because you want to get to your cocktail hour…

We’ve devised a list of things to do to get your post ceremony family photos done quickly and beautifully. Believe us, this is the hardest part of your day, and our aim is to make it fun and seamless.


1. Write it down.

A few weeks before the wedding, we will ask for a list of formal family photos that you want. Then, start with the brides’ side, parents, add siblings, add extended family. Same with the grooms’ side. It really helps to have their first names.

2. Tell somebody.

Please notify all family members that they are wanted after the ceremony for pictures. Why not make an announcement at the rehearsal dinner? This way, we’re not rushing to try to find a brother who went off to the cocktail hour. Assure them we’ll get this done quickly so they can get to the party.

3. Assign a wrangler.

If you have a big boisterous family, assign one person from each side as wrangler. They can chase down that brother for the picture.


4. Let us know of any family uniqueness.

If parents are divorced, someone has an illness or there are little kids, just let us know so we can prepare and be aware.

5. Ask family members to allow your photographer to be the only photographer.

Families tend to look at the camera of someone they know. If a niece is taking a picture over the photographers shoulder, chances are great that they will look at that camera. We want all eyes on us!


6. Timing.

Each group can take 3-5 minutes for us to make. Keep this in mind when putting together your must have list. Believe us, you will want to get to your cocktail hour, so it’s great to get this done in under 30 minutes.

7. Groups at reception.

If you want a picture with your college friends or kickball team, or mom wants a photo of all her friends, it can all be done at the reception. Have a friend or family member round everyone up and do a fun picture next to the dance floor. Just give us a heads up when making that original list.


8. Hijacking the family pictures.

Sometimes a family member will want additional pictures, maybe of their family or all the uncles. We get it, it’s not every day you all get together. It’s best to have any additional photos done at cocktail hour or reception. We always let family members know, we’re here all day, just tap us on the shoulder!

9. Bride and Groom together in all photos.

We recommend that the bride and groom are present in all the pictures. This is, of course, your wedding day! Time to join families! It can take lots of extra time to make the photos with only the bride and her family, then to add the groom and vice versa.

10. Have fun!

Formal photos don’t have to be boring. Going outside or in a unique place can make the pictures more true to the nature of your family.


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