Wedding Blogs and the Photographer

April 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Recently, there’s been lots of talk around Studio Starling

About wedding blogs and how they effect our photography and our couples. We love being featured on wedding blogs. It’s great promotion, they are inspiring to look at and have lead us to some of our favorite couples. But sometimes, looking at other people’s photography makes us emulate them and gets us into a mode of wanting all our couples’ weddings to be featured on blogs. We have a problem with this.

One popular blog, Style Unveiled, posted an article on choosing a photographer. Including tips such as “Does it look like the photographer has been published in wedding magazines and on wedding blogs?” as well as “It’s important that the photographer you choose takes detail shots of your wedding. Why? It goes back to #2 … getting your wedding published. If your photographer isn’t excited about snapping detail shots or doesn’t take many detail photos of your wedding, getting it published will be quite a challenge.” Although this article offered many other helpful tips in making the choice of a photographer, these points were disappointing.

Since then, we’ve seen a few articles addressing this issue. Resource magazine, a photography industry publication, ran an article with an interview with another popular wedding blogger, Green Wedding Shoes, who also touched on the subject. “Shows like Say Yes to the Dress and Ace of Cakes fetishize wedding props and photographers have followed suit by taking stunning photos of gowns hung on customized hangers that say “Mrs.” and artistic shots of table numbers.” Then adds, “The average couple isn’t going to care about having photographs of their shoes by the tenth anniversary. Likewise, the artistic shot of the chocolate fountain won’t matter as much as the one of the ring bearer sticking his hands in it. As stylish as weddings may have become, they are not fashion shoots: photographs that capture the love and joy of the couple and their guests are what stand the test of time.”

This post on Rock N Roll Bride sums this conflict up best “I’ve also been hearing from many of my friends who work in the wedding industry, that some of their clients are now putting so much emphasis on wanting to get their wedding featured somewhere, that they’re adding a whole extra dollop of pre-wedding stress on themselves and their suppliers. This is complete madness. Since when was ‘getting featured on a blog’ something to add to the bottom of your ever-expanding wedding ’to do’ list. Enjoy this time in your life. Enjoy planning for your wedding and your future. Don’t for the love of God, think that without a blog or magazine feature the wedding was a bust.”

Here at Studio Starling, we’ve decided we will look at and submit to wedding blogs occasionally, but this is not the focus of our business. We will be inspired by love, family, the light and weather of the day. Our promise is to get our photographic inspiration from history, other art forms, life itself and also from our instincts as artists. Our focus is on you.


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