Cy’s Holiday Photo

December 8, 2011 § 4 Comments


Last night we did it!

Cy’s annual holiday card photo, by his parents Nicole and Calbee. This is the select because we liked his Jim Morrison pose. It’s a long exposure to burn in the lights so some of the lights appear to be on top of his arm, hand, and head. Kind of like the sugar plums dancing in kids’ heads this time of year!

Happy Holidays!

§ 4 Responses to Cy’s Holiday Photo

  • Nicole Moulton says:

    LOVE THIS! What are the lights hanging on? I’m doing another holiday photo booth next week and this is very inspirational. Wish I had your guys lighting skills.

    • Glad you like! In Cy’s photo, the lights are strung on our bay window (the streetlamp is giving it the warm glow outside). Then Cy is standing about 8 feet from there on a 2′ table and is lit from an SB800 through a collapsed shoot through umbrella on the right. Shot with an 85 at 1.8 probably 1/30 hand held. The picture I did for kids mag, there is a black seamless, lights are hanging from a crossbar about 2 feet from that, subject is about 10 feet in front of that, shot with Speedotron head and beauty dish, fill card on left. I used a tripod with this, 85 1.4 about 1/15- 1/8 second. Ba da bing, ba da boom, pretty trippy holiday photo! I can draw you a lighting diagram if that would help! Super easy to do.

  • Nicole Moulton says:

    OMG, really?! This still sounds over my head, but am curious to see it drawn out. Only if you have time. Which, you probably don’t, working and being a mom and all!!! Not sure if I would have the nerve to try something like this next week, but also not sure I want to use that psuedo-ring flash again either.

    • Really, it’s very simple. Try a set up at home first with the kids, then on site. I’ll email you a diagram. Sometimes a visual doc is easier to understand!

      If anyone else is interested, I’ll send you my Visions Of Sugarplums Holiday lighting too!


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