Mars Gallery Wedding

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Karen and Adam are just plain cool.

Karen surrounds herself with fantastic, loyal, fun, friends and Adam completed his Kung Fu black sash test just weeks before their wedding. They chose Mars Gallery as the perfect spot for their wedding.

Surrounded by art, family and great friends they said their vows and partied all night. We explored the surrounding West Loop neighborhood for portraits. A pop art mural, an alley and brightly painted walls were perfect backgrounds for this joyful couple.

Congratulations Karen and Adam!

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Mars Gallery Wedding

Music, Coffee & Travel Engagement Session

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Beth and Matt are simply adorable.

They wanted their engagement session to reflect their shared interests. Beth explained, “We do love music, coffee, and travel if we want to work anything in…? Like get drinks at a local coffee shop, or peruse through a record store?” We loved those ideas, and always love props so we suggested we bring our Crosley record player, they bring their favorite records and maybe a blanket and we head to a park and a coffee shop nearby.

We met at our studio, they chose an outfit and we went for a walk to pose under the eL tracks and the Bloomingdale Trail to get our first pictures.

Beth and Matt are such a team! Together they packed a box of items including: Marvin Gaye and other soul records, a couple beers, a gorgeous plaid blanket, a chess set, their cool new camera, candles and some books (Ben Hur and Tom Sawyer anyone?). Beth saw some gorgeous willow trees as we drove up to Humboldt Park, and our picnic began. They had fun playing chess, listening to music, photographing each other and reading silly passages from the books they brought. A pirate funeral? Hilarious!

We drove back to the studio, changed outfits, and took a walk to Ipsento, a cool cafe nearby for a few more pictures. It was very quiet, filled with people studying, so we spoke a bit about the direction for the pictures, then just went for it. Beth and Matt cuddled, smiled and just made each other laugh.

It was great fun to photograph a couple so in love and so much fun!













Bridgeport Arts Center Wedding

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Dreams come true.

Studio Starling had the delightful pleasure of photographing the most calm and collected couple in the history of weddings, Karen and Alexander. The stars had aligned and all was unfolding as it should. We were heading South that day, and took advantage of the lake from a unique perspective, 31st beach. It was one of the first nice days this summer and Fox news 32 was out collecting footage for a story, and we were included! See the post here. Then it was on to Bridgeport Arts Center where family was waiting to begin the festivities.

Barbara Moss Events did an amazing job at creating a beautiful but relaxed setting for the couple and their guests. Dare we say she captured the personality of her clients perfectly.

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wonderful and loving day.

Bridgeport Arts Center-147.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-142.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-143.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-154.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-145.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-144.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-148.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-167.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-153.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-190.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-192.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-179.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-171.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-196.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-197.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-184.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-186.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-182.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-180.jpg

Bridgeport Arts Center-193.jpg

Parisian Style at The Murphy

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Jessica and Joe were married in January.

We began the day with the groom at the Intercontinental Hotel, and with the bride at her home. The couple was excited and nervous about the day to come. Their family and friends surrounded them to have fun as they dressed and prepared.

The ceremony was held at The St. James Chapel. Snow lightly fell outside as the couple were wed. Baby, it was cold outside, so we did some photos at the Church and traveled to Union Station for group pictures. We also traveled to the space where the couple met, an office building where they both formerly worked. Of course, we were chased out of the building, but the snow on the ground and the glass and steel building made for lovely pictures and a reminder of where they met and fell in love.

They chose The Murphy as the venue to hold their Paris flea market themed wedding. The theme was carried to fruition by the ladies of Lola Event Productions. Helping with the beautiful event was Paramount Catering, Elysia Root Cakes, Arlen Music, Kloekner’s flowers, Frost Lighting, and Magnificent Milestones paperie.

As the night drew to a close, we asked the couple to come with us for a good night photo. We asked them to make out in the phone booth. They ran in, so excited just to have that moment alone at last!

Bonne Chance Jessica et Joe!































Gallery 1028 Wedding

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Bryan and Rusty were married this spring!

We couldn’t have been luckier to photograph this couple who are so in love. We started our day with their first meeting on the Cherry Street pedestrian bridge on Goose Island. They were both nervous as they approached, but as soon as they saw each other, their steps quickened to meet and embrace on the bridge. Yes, we were all in tears, already!

We made our way to Gallery 1028 where we met up with the bridal party and saw the venue being made beautiful by Lola Event Productions and Exquisite Designs. We were so happy to see that our engagement session photos made their way onto fun Trivial Pursuit cards to test guest’s knowledge of the couple! It was a beautiful ceremony and a really fun reception. Style Matters played music that got everyone on the dance floor.

As the night came, we stole a moment with the grooms outside of the gallery for a little good night portrait session. A perfect ending to a lovely day.

























Geneva Engagement Session

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Jordan and Nick wanted a rural setting for their session.

So we traveled near their home in Geneva to Peck Farm Park. The couple came prepared with their adorable dog Honey, a sign for Honey to wear for their save the date cards and their Blackhawks jerseys. We love when couples show their personalities in an engagement session. A little tip, if you want to be photographed with a pet, please just bring a friend along to mind the pet while we photograph you alone. Jordan and Nick enlisted some family members to do just that, and everything went very smoothly. Even Honey had fun!

We arrived early to scout a few cute locations on the property. We found barns, fields, water and lots of blue sky, it was a perfect day to be out making photos. We are so excited to see these two lovebirds marry in the fall!











Blackstone Wedding

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Rebecca and Darren were married on a gorgeous autumn day.

The Blackstone is in such a beautiful location, we didn’t have to travel anywhere to make wonderful photos. Rebecca had a lovely suite for getting ready while Darren and his gentlemen were in the Hubbard Room. When we first saw Darren, we noticed his broken finger gained from a basketball game that morning. Since this drama of the day was now out of the way, everyone was ready to have fun!

The couple had their first look in Grant Park as the sun set. We were so taken with the light, this lovely couple, and the gorgeous city of Chicago. As we walked back to the hotel, we photographed the couple kissing while crossing Michigan avenue. It was a romantic moment made perfect with the last bit of daylight. The Ketubah signing took place in the English Room, while the ceremony was held in in the Barbershop. The room was filled with guests, flowers and beautiful details with seamless planning by Lola Event Productions. As we moved on to the cocktail hour, ceremony, and reception, we got to really know the couple, their families and friends. No event is complete without a good night kiss photo in the lobby and these two got cozy together and reflected on their amazing day and kissed to their future.

Congratulations to Rebecca and Darren!

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

The bride and groom get ready for the big day!
Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

First look in Grant Park, right across the street from the Blackstone.
Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Portrait session at the Blackstone. So many great rooms here.
Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Signing of the Ketubah.
Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Their ceremony in the Barbershop at the Blackstone is elegant and stunning.
Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Now to the reception!
Blackstone Wedding Chicago

Blackstone Wedding Chicago

A kiss goodnight after a great day!
Blackstone Wedding Chicago

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